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Looking for a Labrador list that is just a bit out of the ordinary? Although we are a friendly discussion group where people share a love of the Labrador Retriever, we don't stop there!! For those members who may also have pets in addition to their Lab, we include our other friends: dogs and cats of any breed or mix, birds, etc.

At Labs-and-Friends we share photos, stories, support, as well as care and training tips of our beloved friends who greatly enrich our lives! There is one pre-requisite for joining though - you must have a sense of humor!! We love to laugh - the harder, the better. In fact, this is probably the funniest group of individuals on the web! The fact of the matter is, we have so much fun, many of us have taken it one step further! Several times over the summer, various members have gotten together face to face, accompanied by pups, at events in the mid-west.

So if your lab plays a major role in your life, along with humor and an inbox full of mail from friends, please, join our list! By the way, we do go off-topic a lot, so don't be surprised to find a wide variety of topics, interests, and discussion.

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